Pick Six Seeks Funding For Nationals

The New Year is right around the corner, which means NIRSA’s National Flag Football Tournament is approaching fast. After covering the costs of their trip to Maryland themselves, the boys of Pick Six are looking to family and friends to help them afford to compete in Nationals. NIRSA waived the tournament entry fee since Pick Six won the Regional Championship, but travel expenses, including hotels and airfare, are still a large burden on a group of college students.

On Facebook and Twitter the boys have been advertising their cause. They have posted messages like these, along with a link to their donation page, hoping to receive some funding from their supporters.

“Recently my flag football team, Pick Six, won the regional tournament down in Maryland to send us to nationals in Florida. After winning, the University of Maryland funded us 500 dollars for the trip down. With a team of 10, that 500 does help us too much and without any guaranteed funding from UMass, we need to rely on the help of family and friends to support us. We are not asking for massive donations, because that would be unreasonable, but at the end of the day every $5 donation means a lot to us. As poor college students the cost of driving down to Florida, never mind flying, is out of our budget. Then when you include a place to stay and food to eat, it all starts to add up. Once again thank you for your support, hopefully we will be able to come home, national champions.” –Alexander West

“Family and friends, My flag football team PickSix recently won a regional tournament at the University of Maryland that gave us a bid for the Flag Football National Championships in Florida over winter break. Winning the regional tourney covers the nationals entry fee but we still have a lot to cover like travel expenses and hospitality while we are there. Any amount of money is really helpful towards reaching our goal. This is a once in a lifetime experience for many of us so we really appreciate the support. Thank you very much and Go PickSix!!!” –Cody Sloniecki

The official message on the donation site reads:

“picksix is a flag football team from the university of massachusetts amherst. we recently won a regional tournament at the university of maryland that gave us a bid for nationals. the national championships are located at the university of west florida in pensacola. the tournament dates are january 3rd-january 5th. winning the regional tournament in maryland allows us to play in the nationals without an entry fee. we are starting this donation page because we still need to cover travel expenses as well as paying for a hotel for us to stay in while we are down there. we are all hard-working college students who are looking to accomplish something amazing and represent our school in the meantime. every cent matters and we thank you in advance for your support towards our team throughout the season and into the national championships. thank you very much, the boys of picksix”

So far, the link has been shared 23 times, and $180.00 of their $3,000 dollar goal has been raised. Most of the bids have been five and ten dollars, but two people gave donations of $100 and $50 dollars with good luck messages. Only time will tell how successful their funding efforts will be, but if they reach their goal, UMass could have National Champions on their roster.


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