Pick Six Takes Maryland By Storm


Pick Six walked away from NIRSA’s intramural competition in  College Park, Maryland, as Regional Flag Football Champions this past weekend. “Honestly when we talked about Maryland 2 weeks ago I didn’t even think we were going to go, let alone compete. Then we got there and saw some of the teams and were like damn these teams are really good and next thing I know we’re in the final game,” said Joe Johnson.  Sean Heaney shared a similar feeling of surprise about their weekend performance. “When we pulled in that day I didn’t even think we were going to make it to playoffs but we dominated which is kind of crazy,” he said. “Three members of the team won all tourney awards, I was one of them. I also won MVP of the tournament,” said Matthew Schell.

How does Pick Six do it? “Chemistry,” explains Ricky Silva, “most teams we play are teammates. We consider each other brothers. We do everything together.” “We just have fun,” Kevin Pomerleau said, “we went into every game looser than every other team.” Johnson has another explanation for the team’s success. “Rick inspires a competitive attitude out of everybody, to be honest, because if he loses its just a bad day for everyone. We’re all washed up athletes with nothing better to do” he said. “This is our time to shine, and we did,” Pomerleau added.

“The whole weekend was exciting besides driving down that was pretty boring. We got there and saw everyone with all their gear and everything, it was kind of funny because we were just wearing our t-shirts,” said Cody Sloniecki. “All the other teams were on the field warming up and we were dancing on the sidelines,” said Johnson. “Highlight of the trip? Just being on a different university seven hours away, hanging out, with no where really to stay, having a blast. It’s just something I never thought I’d be doing,” said Silva.

The boys have more surprising games ahead in Florida this January, as they compete to be National Flag Football Champs.


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