Q&A with QB1, Ricky Silva


Senior Quarterback Ricky Silva poses for a photo at the Men’s Flag Football Championship Game at McGuirk Stadium on November 14, 2013.

When did Pick Six start?

My freshman year. So four years ago.

Who is involved with Pick Six?

We started with just seven of us. Now we have 14 guys and seven girls. But we have the pick six family that all have tshirts. So there’s 20+ of us. We have pick six nicknames on the back of our jerseys. It’s turned us all into brothers, really.


How many of team members have played football before?

Half of us played football in high school I would say.

What position do you play?

I’m QB1. (the quarterback)

What is your favorite thing about playing intramural flag football?

The strategy involved. How much time and practice it actually takes to be good. It’s more about out thinking than it is about being fast and athletic.

As a team, what intramural sports do you play?

We play men’s and co rec flag football, men’s basketball, and co-rec soccer.

What championships have you won?

Men’s basketball we lost in the championship game last year. We have won the flag football championship twice now. We won the co-rec league this year too.

What’s your record for men’s flag football?

Haven’t lost a game in over two years. We had a score differential of 359 to 0 this year in intramurals. So we scored 359 points and gave up 0 while winning the championship. We have scored in the 70s before, that’s probably our highest amount.

What makes Pick Six so good?

Chemistry. Most teams we play are teammates. We consider each other brothers. We do everything together. We run a dual quarterback system, which would kind of be our strategy. Not many teams can do it because it takes a lot of communication and knowing where each other is going to be.

What comes next for Pick Six?

Well we play in the NIRSA intercollegiate tournaments. Regional games are in both Springfield and Maryland for a chance to qualify for nationals in Florida. Last weekend we drove to College Park, Maryland to compete with over 40 other universities.



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