Pick Six Plays Flag Football in National Tournament

NIRSA, the National Intramural-Recreational Sports Association, promotes leadership, fitness, teamwork, and respect in its many programs and services. NIRSA is a leader in campus recreation and offers a variety opportunities and resources for intramural sports and recreation students and staff.  Each year, leaders in campus recreation from colleges and universities around the country are invited to compete in a national championship series of an intramural sport.

From UMass, the intramural flag football team Pick Six has taken on the challenge to compete in the 2013 NIRSA tournament. While the team was working towards the intramural flag football championship at UMass, they were also competing in games November 1-3 in Springfield as part of the regional NIRSA competition. If they had lost a game in Springfield, they would not move on in the tournament, but after winning all of their games, they moved on to the University of Maryland for the final round of regional competition. If this winning streak continues, they will proceed to the national and final round of flag football competition at the University of West Florida on January 3-5.

To be eligible to play, team members must be taking the credit hours of a full time student at a college or university for at least 45 days before the start of the tournament. Players are not allowed to appear on a NIRSA roster for any sport more than six times, or on the roster of a varsity sport that is the same or related to the sport they are playing in the tournament. No professional athletes are allowed to compete, and co-ed teams can not be entered.


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