Story Idea for News Package #2

For each story idea, you must have the following:

• Your name, course, email in upper left corner
• A headline with a noun and a verb
• A 25-word summary stating what the story is, and how you will tell it
• Why the story is important, and who will/should read it
• Your sources: At least three live human beings you will interview in person or over the phone
• Other background/source material you will use (databases and other substantial sources)


Headline: Pick Six Reaches Beyond Intramurals

Pick Six is a flag football team that has been playing UMass intramurals with the same consecutive group for 2 years. In these 2 years, they have been undefeated and won both championships. This year, they had a score differential of 320-0. Through the process they have become more than teammates, but a group of very close friends. Their jerseys are adorned with nicknames, and the group has expanded into a co-ed team and to other sports including basketball and volleyball. This semester they are involved in an ACIS tournament, and thus far haven’t lost a game. They have competed regionally and this weekend will go to Maryland for a shot at a free trip to Florida to compete in the National Championship.


The story is interesting because intramurals are a sometimes overshadowed part of social life on campus. These students have become a close-knit group of friends through it, but are also competing in a regional, and possibly national competition. The story would be for other UMass students, to learn about one team who took intramural sports to the next level.


I will get my information about UMass intramurals from the director of intramurals at the rec center, Jason Incorvati.

Interviews with team members from Pick Six will interviewed, from both the all boys and the co ed teams. 

The website for ACIS will provide information about the regional and national tournaments.




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