Blogger Presentation 2: Kate, or Kate?

For my next blogger presentation, there are two incredible women, coincidentally both named Kate, that I would be interested in following.

Kate Fridkis writes the blog “Eat The Damn Cake.”  The blog is geared towards women and posts cover many aspects of life, from relationships, to food.  Women of all ages can find a post that is relevant to them on the blog. Kate is a positive body image advocate, and the entire blog is based on the idea that all women should be able to eat the damn cake if they want to, without thinking about gaining weight. The blog is empowering and makes women feel that they aren’t alone when they read it and see the photo gallery of “women eating cake.”

Kate got her Master’s from Columbia in 2010. Kate has another blog about homeschooling, called “Skipping School” and has been featured in numerous publications including Psychology Today, Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan, Home Education Magazine, The Frisky, and many more. She is writing a fantasy novel and a memoir and works at a synagogue.

I would like to follow Kate because she has a vibrant personality that shows in her writing. By reading only a handful of posts, I already felt like I knew her. The blog is funny and serious at the same time and has helpful resources for women. I enjoyed reading about the “cake eaters” and most of the topics on the blog are of interest to me.

The next Kate is equally as empowering. “Adventurous Kate” has a blog dedicated to solo female travel, helping women realize that traveling alone can be safe, fun and easy. She has visited more than 45 countries, and shares her experiences on the blog, which you can navigate by destination. The posts are easy to read and different every time. She discusses tons topics in her posts, from culture to food, and she gives her honest opinions. In some posts, she tells stories, like one about the time she got shipwrecked in Indonesia. There is an additional section called “Someone Once Told Me” where her and her fiancé will ask people they meet in their travels, “What is the most memorable thing you’ve ever been told?” and share their answers.

Kate quit her job at the age of 26 to fulfill her lifelong dream of traveling the world. For the past 3 years, she has been traveling and blogging about her experiences as a full time job. She makes a living by writing and through advertising, sponsorship, and marketing. She’s been published on sites like,, TripVine, and HostelWorld. She has been interviewed, profiled, awarded and recognized on many news sources as well.

I find Adventurous Kate’s story to be inspiring. I don’t think I could ever live her life, but I admire her work ethic and ambition. After studying abroad this summer, I realized that I love to travel. Kate posts about places I’ve been and places I want to go, while also introducing me to places I’ve never even thought about, all equally enjoyable to read. The blog also includes tons of pictures, and the “Someone Once Told Me” section that has not been published yet, but will prove to be as eye opening as the rest of the blog.


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