Molly and Music: It isn’t just EDM

If I told you to say the first thing that comes to mind when I say “electronic dance music”, you would probably say “molly”. And I wouldn’t blame you. The two go hand in hand. There’s no denying it, especially after recent deaths at different electronic music festivals because of  the drug. (Read More:

Electronic music, as a genre, gets a reputation for its drug culture, even though many EDM artists don’t support drug use at all and will openly speak out against it on their personal social media accounts, like Kaskade.

By cancelling EDM events, the University is supporting the assumption that all people who attend EDM concerts are drug-users. “The Molly-taking culture at these shows is real and now exceedingly dangerous to the health and safety of concert attendees”, the Vice Chancellor wrote to UMass students. Although there have been many deaths due to Molly overdoses, the only concert attendees suffering are those who choose to take drugs.

“I am very upset about UMass cancelling EDM events because I consider myself to be a true fan of the music,” said Alexa Scott, a student at UMass. She adds, “I understand that UMass is trying to protect the safety of the students, but it would have been more beneficial to increase security and educate us on drug safety. If kids want to take drugs they will find a way to do so, whether there are concerts or not.”

Other students weren’t as disappointed when they heard the news of EDM concert cancellations. “If I were the Chancellor of UMass I would cancel these concerts too. Kids are irresponsible with their drug use”, said a UMass student. Another UMass student added, “They want to take more than their friends and think they can handle it, but they don’t even know what they’re putting into their bodies.”

There is no denying the presence of molly in our culture, but to draw the connection to solely EDM is not accurate. “People hear music glorifying molly, all types of music. People take drugs to fit in,” said another UMass student. In recent months, many music artists have been promoting the drug, from Miley Cyrus and Kanye West to Madonna and Tyga. Trinidad James, who coined the phrase “pop a molly, I’m sweating”, will be performing at the Mullins Center on October 26, which has become another hot topic among students.

The next time someone says EDM, maybe you will think twice before you say molly.


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