Can You Help Me Find Molly?

Molly could become increasingly harder to find, despite the lack of government regulation that has been placed on the drug. Our world is becoming increasingly reliant on the internet, and drug dealing is no different. The web was a major resource for drug dealers all over the world to connect and exchange illegal products and services, including molly.

A popular online drug market called Silk Road was seized by the FBI this past week. With about 957,079 users, Silk Road was used to traffic illegal goods, like drugs, firearms, and hacker tools. You could also acquire services like assassins and hackers. FBI Special Agent Christopher Tarbell said “Silk Road has emerged as the most sophisticated and extensive criminal marketplace on the Internet today.”

Silk Road was located “Deep Web“. Websites in the Deep Web do not show up on search engines, so they are hidden from the general public. The software needed to reach the Deep Web, TOR, has typically been used by citizens in countries with extremely strict governments that monitor internet activity. In the US, it is mostly utilized by criminals and internet hackers.

For privacy reasons, credit card numbers were never used on Silk Road. It had its own currency system consisting of Bitcoins, and multiple fake transactions were made to cover the tracks of buyers and allow them to be even more anonymous. The worth of a Bitcoin is based on the market. Right now, a bitcoin is worth about $115.

If you were to try to get access to Silk Road today, you would come across a screen alerting you that the FBI has taken control of the site. Ross William Ulbricht, the alleged mastermind behind Silk Road, was arrested on Tuesday, October 1, and charged with narcotics trafficking, computer hacking and money laundering.


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