Q&A: Drug Dealers Anonymous

An interview with a UMass student, who doubled as a drug dealer. This student still attends UMass and wishes to remain anonymous.

When did you start selling drugs and what drugs do you sell?

Freshman year I sold weed and cocaine. Sophomore year, molly. But now, nothing. The police caught wind of the operation and shut it down.

When was the first time you took molly?

Junior year of high school. Back before it was a mystery box.

How many time have you taken molly?

More than I count. Maybe 50-75 times.

What was the most popular drug you sold?

Molly. By far.

Who were your biggest clients?

Basically…anyone going to concerts or festivals. We sold to UMass students and their friends from home that were up visiting for the weekend.

Did you ever sell to students that weren’t attending concerts, and just wanted drugs? 

Yes. Many kids try and keep pace with the drinking on the weekend and know drugs will help them stay up longer.

Is molly easy to find?

Molly is really easy to find most of the time. Especially on this campus.

How much money did you make?

Per ounce, I would more than double my money. If we paid $1000, we’d end up with $2000. In a month, we’d probably make $1000 bucks…maybe more.

Did you test your drugs and honestly know what the product you were selling to other students consisted of?

No. I relied on what I like to call ‘test dummies’. You’d be surprised how many kids are willing to test drugs that they know nothing about. They would just tell me how it was and I’d take their word for it. I never took that on as my responsibility.

How would you have felt if someone you sold drugs to died and a concert last year? 

Awful, obviously. I would’ve felt absolutely responsible.

Were there other people involved in the selling and distributing the drugs?

We got the drugs from a higher up supplier who distributed to.. probably a decent portion of the campus. There were other kids selling, it wasn’t just us. It seemed like everyone had the same shit from the same supplier, whether they knew it or not.

What do you think about the recent concert cancellations?

I think the cancellations are caused by kids who are irresponsible about taking drugs. They try to take more than all their friends and think they can handle it, and they don’t test the drugs before they take them. They don’t know what they’re putting in their body. If I was the chancellor of UMass, I would cancel these concerts too. I would’ve cancelled them years ago.

What would the concert cancellations done to your sales?

I would’ve probably sold a little bit to my asshole friends, but the majority of my clientele would be gone.

Do you regret selling drugs?

Yes and no. I understand what I did could have hurt people. But it was fun. I didn’t take a cent out of my bank account for months.

Why do you think molly has becoming increasingly popular?

People hear music glorifying molly, all types of music. Miley Cyrus, rappers, DJs. They think they know everything and take all this shit to fit in……Dead as a doornail.


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